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Today, Aug 10th

Tomorrow, Aug 11th

Weekly Tuesday Meetup
19:30     1人     TokyoHackerSpace

Wednesday, Aug 12th

Automate the boring Stuff with Python
19:30     20+人     Tokyo Python Society

Tokyo FinTech Meetup #89 - Medici: FinTech Progress in Indonesia
17:00     9人     Tokyo FinTech Meetup

19:30     1人     TokyoHackerSpace

Friday, Aug 14th

[WEB]Startup Weekend Cebu 座談会
21:30     15+人     Startup Weekend Tokyo

How to Raise Money from a "Dragon," with Michael Hyatt (Co-Founder of Bluecat)
09:30     14人     Tokyo Startup Founder 101

Saturday, Aug 15th

第45回Haskell-jpもくもく会 @ オンライン
13:00     2人     Haskell JP

Sunday, Aug 16th

Online Study Session // リモートで勉強会
15:30     6人     Women Who Code

Talk about Unity.
14:30     2人     Unity 3D Users

Tuesday, Aug 18th

Weekly Tuesday Meetup
19:30     ?人     TokyoHackerSpace

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