Want to learn how to build software? Here are some great coding schools and education programs.

Code Chrysalis
Offers a 12-week intensive software development course (¥1,110,000), part-time 5-week intro to programming course (¥144,000), and more. Topics they cover include GraphQL, Node, Express, React, Redux, continuous integration & continuous delivery, team workflows, framework architecture, and more.
Located in Moto-Azabu

G's Academy Tokyo
Offers a 6-month labs course with 2 tracks, web development with Ruby on Rails and PHP, or Android development. Courses run ¥250,000.
Located in Shibuya

Le Wagon
Offers a 9-week intense software development course (¥790,000) with additional content to help kick-start student's tech career, land a job as software developer, product manager, or launch their own startup. The curriculum focuses on Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, and other common infrastructure tools.
Located in Meguro

Tokyo Techies
Offers a wide variety of courses covering software development, computer science, cyber security, robotics, data science, and AI. Classes run between ¥50,000 and ¥80,000 and take place in 2 hour sessions across 8 to 12 weeks.
Located in Nishi-Azabu