Popular Tech Employers

There are a few companies that stand out among the others for being very popular with foreigners moving into Japan. They have smooth visa sponsorship programs, pay well in relation to the standard salary in Japan, and generally do not require strong Japanese skills.


Hailed as one of the best tech companies to work for in Japan as a foreigner, Indeed has done a fantastic job at building a cozy work culture, especially after their acquisition by Recruit.

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Marcari is a one of the most well-known employers of foreign tech talent in Tokyo. They have an entire team for the US version of their app based in Tokyo, called "US in Tokyo" and are continuing to hiring rapidly.

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Stripe builds financial tools and economic infrastructure for internet businesses. Now with an office in Tokyo, they're looking to hire local or remote team members.

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Zehitomo makes it easier to connect with local service providers in Japan. They have a very international team and actively support some of the local meetup communities.

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Moneytree builds tools to make it easier to use banks and other financial services in Japan.

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And of course the obvious big companies are always hiring too, like Google and Amazon.