Popular Tech Events

Tokyo Tech Meetup

A large bi-monthly event covering the latest tech scene news and giving members of the community a change to present via lightning talks. Organized by Shoin and myself (Shane).

Dev Japan

A monthly event in Ebisu where 50-100 developers congregate to work on whatever projects they want. There is a great mix of socializing and helping each other in and overall productive atmosphere. Skillfully put together by Caven and others.

Hacker News

A monthly socializing event that has been going on since 2012 (?) which has put together a strong community along the way. Ran by Jay and Paul, the fantastic duo behind Make Leaps, this is a welcoming and comfortable event to meet others in the scene.

Mercari Engineer Meetups

Large engineering presentations held at the Mercari offices covering topics like backend architecture, machine learning, and search engineering.

Want more? We've put together a full list of tech meetups and conferences in Tokyo.