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Friday, Oct 30th

Startup Weekend Tokyo VR
20:00     35+人     Startup Weekend Tokyo

Tuesday, Nov 3rd

CANCELED: Weekly Tuesday Meetup
19:30     1人     TokyoHackerSpace

Wednesday, Nov 4th

VS Code Meetup #7 - VSCodeConJPプレイベント
19:00     103人     VS Code Meetup

Automate the boring Stuff with Python
19:30     4人     Tokyo Python Society

Customize your Shopify store with Liquid - Online workshop
19:00     2人     Women Who Code

【再び中止】水曜日のMeetup (cancelled)
19:30     1人     TokyoHackerSpace

Thursday, Nov 5th

19:30     3人     UX Days Tokyo

Saturday, Nov 7th

[Online] JJUG CCC 2020 Fall
10:00     183人     Japan Java User Group

Webinar: "Applications of Deep Learning in self-driving cars"
18:30     6人     Tokyo Data Science

Rebellious People Vol.1 〜反抗する起業家たち〜
18:30     2人     Impact HUB

International Cultural Exchange with presentation
14:00     1人     IT Social Cafe

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