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Thursday, Apr 22nd

Thursday Gathering #147 - EARTH DAY (2021/4/22)
16:00     45人     Venture Cafe Tokyo

第41回Elasticsearch勉強会 2021.04.22 #elasticsearchjp
19:00     41人     Elastic Tokyo User Group

Neo4j - Tokyo User Group Meet Up #35
19:00     8人     Graph Database Users

Friday, Apr 23rd

Startup Weekend Tokyo Local × NoCode
20:00     38人     Startup Weekend Tokyo

Virtual Coworking with Creatives
14:00     15人     Tokyo Design

Virtual Coworking with Creatives
14:00     10人     Tokyo Design

Virtual Coworking with Creatives
14:00     8人     Tokyo Design

Saturday, Apr 24th

Coffee and Code
10:00     12+人     Coffee Code

Online Ruby Study Group // リモートでRuby勉強会
10:00     3人     Women Who Code

OSS Gateオンラインワークショップ2021-04-24
10:30     3+人     OSS Gate

Lets learn English with fun! Games/Quizzes
14:00     1人     IT Social Cafe

Sunday, Apr 25th

11:00     4人     Kanto Game Production

Monday, Apr 26th

Data Science for Marketing - Online Talk
19:00     34人     Le Wagon

Tuesday, Apr 27th

CANCELED: Weekly Tuesday Meetup
19:30     ?人     TokyoHackerSpace

Wednesday, Apr 28th

Build a Landing Page in 2 hours! - Online Workshop
19:00     14人     Le Wagon

GraphQL Tokyo #11 Online Open Space
20:00     8人     GraphQL Tokyo

Python Projects Night (Kick-off Meeting)
19:30     6人     Tokyo Python Society

【再び中止】水曜日のMeetup (cancelled)
19:30     1人     TokyoHackerSpace

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