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Monday, Feb 3rd

TPSC Kick-off 2020 / Meet the Experts
19:30     6人     Tokyo Python Society

Let's Learn Programming(Design) and English!!
19:00     1人     Let's Learn Programming & English

Tuesday, Feb 4th

Creating a training sandbox for your Rails app
19:00     29人     Tokyo Rubyist Meetup

2020 Kick-off Meetup @ Slack Japan
18:00     2人     Slack Platform Community

Weekly Tuesday Meetup
19:30     ?人     TokyoHackerSpace

Wednesday, Feb 5th

Tokyo FinTech Meetup #68 - Bitcoin for Absolute Beginners Vol. 2
19:00     24人     Tokyo FinTech Meetup

19:00     14人     Startup Weekend Tokyo

Free Python training weekly follow-up
19:30     4人     Tokyo Python Society

19:30     1人     TokyoHackerSpace

LINE インフラエンジニア 採用説明会
19:30     ?人     LINE Developer Meetup

Thursday, Feb 6th

NLP Business Applications
19:00     60+人     Machine Learning Tokyo

Thursday Gathering #90 (2020/2/6)
16:00     45人     Venture Cafe Tokyo

Friday, Feb 7th

Startup Weekend Tokyo Sleeptech@100BANCH
18:00     61人     Startup Weekend Tokyo

Nerd Nite #41: Pie in the Sky
20:00     13人     Science and Technology in Tokyo

第663回 Kaggle 勉強方法や進捗共有会
19:30     3人     AI University

Saturday, Feb 8th

Python Boot Camp in 長崎
13:00     18人     PyCon Japan

Drupal Global Training & First time Contribution 2020-0208
10:10     12人     Drupal Study Group

Python Boot Camp in 長崎 懇親会
18:00     9人     PyCon Japan

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