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Today, Jul 11th

Fastbook Sessions – Reading & Discussion #11
19:30     32人     Machine Learning Tokyo

Intro to Reinforcement Learning #9 (Americas, EMEA)
02:00     20人     Machine Learning Tokyo

Jackbox Party Games (Online)
16:00     2人     IT Social Cafe

Tomorrow, Jul 12th

Intro to Reinforcement Learning #9 (APAC)
19:00     41人     Machine Learning Tokyo

11:00     8人     Kanto Game Production

第40回Haskell-jpもくもく会 @ オンライン
13:00     4人     Haskell JP

(Follow-up) Worker Cooperatives Explained
09:00     3人     Tokyo Haskell Meetup

Monday, Jul 13th

WTF is JavaScript?! with Code Chrysalis
19:30     19人     Women Who Code

WTF is JavaScript?! with WWCode Tokyo
19:30     11人     Code Crysalis

Sendagaya.rb #321
19:30     3人     Sendagaya.rb

Let's Learn Programming(Design) and English!!
19:00     1人     Let's Learn Programming & English

Wednesday, Jul 15th

VS Code Meetup #6 (オンライン)
19:30     215人     VS Code Meetup

PWA Night vol.18 ~パフォーマンス~
19:00     138人     PWA Night

Re-RSGT! Talks on agile and scrum *Talk will be in Japanese only*
19:00     30人     Tokyo Agile Community

Tokyo FinTech Meetup #80 - AsiaBerlin Fireside Chat
18:00     12人     Tokyo FinTech Meetup

Free Python training weekly follow-up
19:30     6人     Tokyo Python Society

19:30     3人     TokyoHackerSpace

Thursday, Jul 16th

AI Startup Pitch Night
19:00     144人     Tokyo Tech Startups

Info Session - Discover our Data Science Bootcamp!
19:00     12人     Le Wagon

Top Social Media Skill to Master in 2020
14:00     3人     JAM Japan Advertising & Marketing

Code Chrysalis Immersive Info Session
19:00     2人     Code Crysalis

Code Chrysalis Foundations Info Session
19:45     2人     Code Crysalis

Friday, Jul 17th

Nerd Nite Tokyo: The Belly of the Beast (ONLINE)
20:00     6人     Science and Technology in Tokyo

Sunday, Jul 19th

Talk about Unity.
14:30     3人     Unity 3D Users

Online Study Session // リモートで勉強会
19:00     3人     Women Who Code

Startup Lady Live: Balancing Work, Social, and Personal Needs
12:30     2人     Startup Lady Japan

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