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Today, Jun 21st

How to build AI for Social Good - Online Talk
19:00     47人     Le Wagon

What is 'UR' Government Assisted Housing in Japan?
12:00     6人     Business In Japan

Sendagaya.rb #362
19:30     3人     Sendagaya.rb

Tomorrow, Jun 22nd

CANCELED: Weekly Tuesday Meetup
19:30     1人     TokyoHackerSpace

Wednesday, Jun 23rd

I/O Extended Japan 2021 - Firebase
19:00     148人     GDG Tokyo

What does a Product Manager do? - Panel Discussion
19:00     41人     Le Wagon

Deep Learning with PyTorch (Book Group Study)
19:30     7人     Tokyo Python Society

【再び中止】水曜日のMeetup (cancelled)
19:30     1人     TokyoHackerSpace

Thursday, Jun 24th

Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #42
19:00     403人     Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo

19:00     96人     LINE Developer Meetup

Thursday Gathering #155 (2021/6/24)
16:00     71人     Venture Cafe Tokyo

第42回Elasticsearch勉強会 2021.06.24 #elasticsearchjp
19:30     41人     Elastic Tokyo User Group

TED Circles hosted by Skydea: Our Bodies
20:00     20人     Tokyo Design

Design Research Tokyo: Season 3 Episode 3
19:00     12+人     Design Research Tokyo

Friday, Jun 25th

API Meetup Online #7 ~ 金融API リローデッド ~
19:00     244人     API Meetup

Portfolio Presentation Practice Night
18:30     30+人     Tokyo Design

📱HACKATHON NIGHT- Come See Final Presentations!
19:30     17人     Code Crysalis

XR (AR,VR,MR) Development Study Group
19:30     3人     Women Who Code

Saturday, Jun 26th

PWA Night Conference 2021
12:00     444人     PWA Night

[Online]Dev Japan
12:00     30人     Tokyo Developers Meetup

[Online]Design Japan
12:00     7人     Design Japan

Drupal Global Training Days for First Time Users online 2021-0626
10:00     2人     Drupal Study Group

Conversations and brain stimulating English games and quizzes.
14:00     2人     IT Social Cafe

Sunday, Jun 27th

11:00     1人     Kanto Game Production

Monday, Jun 28th

Node学園 36時限目 オンライン
19:00     255人     Tokyo Node Campus

How to build an SMS app with Twilio? - Online Workshop
19:00     20人     Le Wagon

Tuesday, Jun 29th

Tokyo FinTech Meetup #116 - Tezos Tokyo: DeFi, Stablecoins & DAOs
12:00     10人     Tokyo FinTech Meetup

CANCELED: Weekly Tuesday Meetup
19:30     ?人     TokyoHackerSpace

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