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Today, Sep 25th

Tips & Hints for Cutting Travel Costs
14:00     7人     IT Social Cafe

Tomorrow, Sep 26th

11:00     5人     Kanto Game Production

第102回Haskell-jpもくもく会 @ オンライン
13:00     2人     Haskell JP

Monday, Sep 27th

Foreign Founders Pitch & Discussion Night
19:00     77人     Le Wagon

Sendagaya.rb #373
19:30     6人     Sendagaya.rb

Tuesday, Sep 28th

Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo #45
19:00     223人     Kubernetes Meetup Tokyo

らめくで Tech Meetup for Students Vol.6 - SRE
18:00     ?人     LINE Developer Meetup

CANCELED: Weekly Tuesday Meetup
19:30     ?人     TokyoHackerSpace

Thursday, Sep 30th

Thursday Gathering #166 (2021/9/30)
16:00     360人     Venture Cafe Tokyo

Large Language Models and the Future of AI with Connor Leahy, EleutherAI
19:00     81人     Machine Learning Tokyo

Design Research Tokyo: Season 3 Episode 4
19:00     14+人     Design Research Tokyo

Python Boot Camp オンライン相談会
20:30     8人     PyCon Japan

Friday, Oct 1st

XR (AR,VR,MR) Development Study Group
19:30     6人     Women Who Code

Saturday, Oct 2nd

PHPカンファレンス 2021
10:50     1,741人     PHP Conference Japan

React Native Matsuri 2021
10:00     ?人     React Native Japan

Sunday, Oct 3rd

PHPカンファレンス 2021 Zoom懇親会
19:00     92人     PHP Conference Japan

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